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Open Submissions

We are always looking for original articles, music, videos, illustrations & photos for our promotional channels, which reach thousands of fans on multiple platforms.

If you get featured

We will promote your work on our website and depending on your submission package, we may choose to promote you on our additional platforms (official Magazine, upcoming mobile app, Facebook page, Instagram, Spotify, etc).You will retain all rights of your work, we will merely use our channels to increase your reach. Depending on your submission; we may reach out to you and work on a more ongoing basis as well.


The subject of all submissions should be in the following format: Submission//Name//Content Type//Title//Date

**Please provide links to your portfolio and social media accounts.


Articles: Send us a word document with your article and provide an outline in the email.


Music & Videos: Upload your files to a Google drive or Dropbox folder and share that link with us. Make sure the "link sharing" option is on. We can not feature work that we can't access. Alternatively, if your music is already online, share the links (Spotify, Vimeo, Youtube or Soundcloud)to the tracks/videos you wish to be featured.


Photos and Illustrations: Please upload high quality PNG or JPEG files to a Google drive or Dropbox folder and share the link with us.

If you have something else in mind, please send us an email at