Tinder and Black Friday Are One and the Same

Tinder and Black Friday Are One and the Same

We have gone from homo sapiens (wise man) to homo consumptor (consumer man). Our drive to discover new aspects of life on earth has been replaced with our incessant foraging for new thrifts to shop and more hearts to steal- for the night.

It's the new age desire for new and shiny: toys, boys- a little bit of both?

It’s not really about the boys, nor the toys, is it? According to a Whisper poll, 66% of swipers don’t even bother messaging their match, ever. So why do we swipe in the first place?
To me, it was the thrill of feeling, well, sexy. Let’s be honest, the men who had swiped right on my profile didn’t like me for my intellect, nor my class. And according to their first messages, which often referenced my lips, eyes, or body, it wasn’t because of my witty Hummus-related one-liner in my bio either (despite it being bloody brilliant). But once I got that dopamine rush, that ‘YES! It’s a match!’, I lost interest.Doesn’t that remind you of that dress, those sneakers, that $100 bag that you literally felt like you were going to die if you didn’t get your hands on them, only to bury them in the back of your closet, along with your shopper’s remorse and regrets?

News sources report baffling fights and scrambles for that $0.99 sale on that flashy new TV, but we see the stampede every day in more subtle ways. We buy for emotional relief and to silence our rambling thoughts. During my Tinder days, at any given point, you would have found me with 6 items in my Amazon cart and 6 new matches on my dating app. Just as we buy for relief, we swipe for relief.

Even if you’re one of the few gems who is not swiping to rack up your matches number, odds are, you're being swiped for the quick thrill. The truth is, no one is clear-minded enough for a commitment- except for a select few. You won't find them breaking down doors for Black Friday bargains or swiping left and right on pictures without bothering to read the bio.

Or will you? Will loneliness and lack of social interaction break down their goals of real-life chance encounters and golden thrift shop finds?

The truth is, we always want to believe that we are exempt from all the weaknesses that face other homo sapiens. But one of those weaknesses, the constant struggle for acceptance, is a brush that gives us all a fresh lick of paint ever so often. We all need love. We all need food. We all need shelter.